Achieving Self Mastery

A Book for the Centuries


About the Author

Dr. Janine Ambrose has studied with a Yogi for over 20 years! She's practiced these principles while learning from the teachings of the ancient mystics. In addition, she has a PhD in Therapeutic Counseling from the Open University in Sri Lanka. Her college awarded  her certificates in Inspirational Speaking, Inspirational Music, Clairvoyance, and Spiritual Healing. 

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In addition, Janine is a Reiki Master Teacher in the healing arts. Composing and channeling spiritual healing music. She has counseled and changed lives for over 30 years. In a lifetime of experiences with the healing arts, she has worked with Monks, sound healers, Brazilian Shamans, Organic Farmers, environmentalists, eco-friendly architects, hypnotherapists, and ministers of many faiths, hospice, symbolic art healers and poetry writers. 


“But let’s get beyond credentials and answer the question…Have these principles worked for me?” 


ABSOLUTELY! After all these years I'm an authority on some of the industry's greatest thinkers and achievers' personal success methodology. I practice it in my everyday life and I have shared these principles with many others. Now I have carefully collected and combined my stories and principles of change and written “Achieving Self Mastery.” It has the power to forever change the way you think about life, goal achievement, and train you to focus in on your personal strength towards achieving your most coveted dreams and life goals. 


In Achieving Self Mastery, I share with you stories of how people have used these principles to find the love of their life, healing themselves without the need for pills or doctors and enjoying pleasures in life through by making simple changes to their daily routines. My sole purpose in writing this book is to give you the knowledge and support that ancient mystics have known for centuries. This will give you the guidance and instruction you need to live your best life!  

I am honored that you are here visiting this website today and excited for what you're about to discover on your journey!